Get a 360° view of your sustainability ecosystem

Centralize sustainability data from all relevant stakeholders in a single system of record. Gain instant visibility on how every partner or supplier performs and drive change where it matters.

A single platform to assess the sustainability performance of your entire ecosystem

Thanks to its AI-powered ESG scoring system and materiality assessments, the Apiday platform can help you identify key ESG risks and opportunities across your extended network of stakeholders within days.


Unlock the power of automated reporting

Build within days the piping needed to get ESG data from all your stakeholders flowing back to your central dashboard. Apiday makes sustainability reporting across your entire ecosystem secure, simple and fast.

Screen of the Apiday energy consumption scoring card

Find everything you need in one place

Access ready-made ESG questionnaires, compliance toolkits, customizable policy templates, sustainability improvement plans, e-learning videos and much more in one place, just a click away.


Drive change across your value chain

Transform your sustainability data into high-quality business intelligence. Identify potential blind spots instantly, and leverage Apiday’s AI to adopt the best course of action and help your various stakeholders progress in their sustainability journey.

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Answer ESG requests in a flash

Apiday’s AI and ESG experts gather your data and answer questions for you. So you can sit back, and focus on your business while keeping your investors happy.

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Obtain any ESG certification in record time

Easily collect necessary documents, let our experts pre-answer questions for you and complete your custom improvement plan.

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Get on top of sustainability reporting

Gather all your sustainability data in one place, identify the best path forward and build a future-proof business.

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