Take your sustainability strategy to the next level

Reporting on your social and environmental impact is great, improving it is even better. Follow a custom action plan to progress on your sustainability journey and transform your company into a forward-thinking sustainability champion.

Apiday helps you identify priority actions based on your organization’s current maturity and guides you through the whole improvement journey.

Make real progress, fast

Once your materiality assessment is complete, Apiday’s AI identifies the most relevant actions across all material topics to set you on the right path. All suggested improvements are aligned with the most popular global sustainability frameworks to ensure your efforts are valued by all stakeholders.

Screen of the Apiday ESG platform

Keep track of everything

Progress at your own pace and monitor all your ongoing sustainability initiatives in a single dashboard. Get new suggested actions as you improve, and always know your next move.


Witness progress in real time

We know how painful it is to manually update your sustainability reporting to take into account recent improvements. With Apiday, any suggested action is linked to your KPIs so they are updated as soon as you complete the task. That way, you can enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that any data you see reflects your latest progress.

Image of a sustainability roadmap

Features that unlock insights and actions

ESG Policy Templates

Easily create all the corporate policies mentioned in popular ESG frameworks by answering a few questions.

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Materiality Assessment

Use Apiday’s materiality assessment tool to identify the sustainability topics that matter most to your organization and get priority actions.

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