ESG that fits your portfolio

Eliminate email chasing with an ESG and impact strategy tailored to your portfolio's size and maturity. Equip your companies with the tools and guidance to grow their ESG ambitions and effortlessly aggregate data to respond to LP requests and comply with SFDR. All on one platform.


Farewell to manual data collection

Send framework-aligned ESG questionnaires to your portfolio companies in a click. Then unlock Apiday’s AI to automatically extract data from uploaded documents by portfolio companies. Be done with mindless data chasing and endless emails threads once and for all.


Nurture the ESG Leaders of tomorrow

Help your young companies shine in sustainability with Apiday. Generate reports and dashboards to track their progress, identify where they need to improve and provide them with customised plans to enhance their ESG practices. Set a solid foundation for their sustainable growth and turn your portfolio into a model of responsible investment.


Unlock seamless dialog with all your LPs

Streamline communication with your LPs by swiftly fulfilling their ESG requests with Apiday's automated reporting tool. Move away from manual and error-prone LP questionnaire responses; each new request is auto-filled with your portfolio's ESG data, allowing you to save time and focus your efforts where it matters.


Accelerate SFDR compliance

Fast-track your compliance with the SFDR with Apiday’s advanced compliance tool. Identify your regulatory requirements in minutes and create customised disclosure reports and PAI statements. Easy and efficient, eliminating the need for costly legal reviews.

"Aspect impressed me on multiple levels. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. Not able to tell you how happy I am with this collection."

John Smith
Head Developer

"Saas template impressed me on multiple levels. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. "

John Smith
Head of developer

Personalised Solutions

Explore our suite of tools designed for Venture Capital, each crafted to streamline compliance and drive impactful change.

Streamline SFDR compliance—we guide VC and PE firms through data gathering and automates report creation, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met.
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Measure & Improve
ESG Journey
Progress on your sustainability journey with a custom action plan that will transform your company into a forward-thinking champion.
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Measure & Improve
Kickstart your journey with Apiday's support—migrate data, set up your reporting system, fine-tune KPIs, and integrate custom solutions, all under the guidance of our dedicated customer success teams.
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EU Taxonomy
Navigate EU Taxonomy compliance with Apiday's module—our end-to-end solution supports both investors and companies.
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