CSRD Compliance

Let Apiday write your entire CSRD report for you

Apiday gives large enterprises and medium-sized companies the tools, regulatory guidance, and audit trail to ensure end-to-end Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) compliance. From double materiality to your digitally tagged CSRD reporting pack, Apiday gives you peace of mind your compliance obligations are fully met.

You don’t write your CSRD report - we do. Apiday fills out the European Sustainability Reporting Standards’ (ESRS) templates for you and delivers a full narrative CSRD report

Enterprises are already preparing for CSRD with Apiday, using FY2023 as the “trial run” to gather and aggregate data, optimise ESG reporting workflows and identify improvement areas to be ready for CSRD by 2025.


See your applicable ESRS and automatically gather your data

Input your materiality map and Apiday will tell you the ESRS, including the 1,200 ESRS data points, which apply to you. Connect APIs, upload your documents & spreadsheets and launch company-wide campaigns to start gathering your data. Simple


Let Apiday’s report wizard unscramble the ESRS for you

For each ESRS, easily answer a detailed assessment with majority single or multi-select along with additional AI-supported free text entry, to build your report, gap analysis and dedicated CSRD action plan


You’re done. Download your 80-100 page CSRD report

Apiday delivers a full narrative CSRD report in English, which can be used “as is” for CSRD compliance. Make final edits, branding and submit to Apiday for XBRL tagging. Magic

Apiday delivers a 10x ROI

in both time saved and costs compared to expensive & manual consultant workflows

Time spent on your project
96 hours
+7 times cheaper
+10 times faster
Data collection
ESRS mapping
CSRD report generation
Gap analysis
In-house or third parties
Time spent on your project
1,047 hours
Data collection
ESRS mapping
CSRD report generation
Gap analysis
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