The fast, trusted way to comply with SFDR

Apiday helps VC and PE firms comply with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) by guiding them on the right compliance track gathering portfolio data and automating the creation of disclosure reports. Everything you need to be fully compliant in a single platform.

Screen of the Apiday SFDR Complance scoring card
Save time and money by getting on top of new regulatory reporting requirements in days, not months

From early-stage VCs to large cap private equity, Apiday helps all investors pick the compliance track that best suits them, gathers all the data needed to prepare disclosure reports, and ensures full compliance with SFDR in a matter of days.


Gauge your compliance readiness in minutes

Depending on how embedded ESG and sustainability are in your investment processes, SFDR disclosure requirements can vary significantly. Apiday helps you navigate this complex regulation and identify all the relevant disclosures for your specific institution.

Screen of the Apiday ESG questionnaire

Get all the help you need

No need to spend weeks trying to figure out how to prep your SFDR disclosures or hire expensive lawyers to perform a compliance assessment: Apiday tells you exactly which questions to answer, and how to best answer them. And our SFDR experts are just a click away.


Make regulatory reporting easy, forever

Track your overall progress towards SFDR compliance in one place using Apiday’s dashboard to get an up-to-date view of your different disclosures. Haven’t yet formalized the required policies? Apiday worked with lawyers and ESG experts to prepare the perfect templates.

Features that unlock insights and actions

LPs Reporting

Get unmatched ROI when managing prospective and existing LPs. Showcase your portfolio’s ESG performance with stunning reports to keep them engaged.

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Automated Audit Prep

Automate the preparation of ESG audits. No more time lost trying to manually reconcile ESG disclosures with company documents. Apiday does it all for you.

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