ESG and impact data management, automated

Harness Apiday’s cutting-edge ESG data aggregation tools to seamlessly collect, aggregate and analyse your ESG and impact data. Enhance decision-making with a consolidated source of truth for all your sustainability data, and share it with all relevant stakeholders.

You don’t write your CSRD report - we do. Apiday fills out the European Sustainability Reporting Standards’ (ESRS) templates for you and delivers a full narrative CSRD report

Enterprises are already preparing for CSRD with Apiday, using FY2023 as the “trial run” to gather and aggregate data, optimise ESG reporting workflows and identify improvement areas to be ready for CSRD by 2025.


Automated data collection

Apiday combines AI and ESG expertise to increase data collection 5x, automating manual tasks and data manipulation. Leverage Apiday's suite of APIs, survey tools and data uploads to construct your holistic ESG database.


ESG KPIs: managed

Apiday's dedicated metrics manager enables you to assign data owners, perform consistency checks, and monitor. Gain insights into each metric's alignment with specific frameworks, filter by topic, or examine its composition across your subsidiaries or portfolio.


Automated data re-use

Automatically reuse your ESG KPIs across different frameworks—no more copying and pasting across spreadsheets. Investor questionnaires? Client requests? Simply upload them, and Apiday will pre-populate the responses with your existing data. Save weeks on manual responses

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