Experience personalised, guided onboarding to ensure a swift and seamless start to your journey

You don’t write your CSRD report - we do. Apiday fills out the European Sustainability Reporting Standards’ (ESRS) templates for you and delivers a full narrative CSRD report

Enterprises are already preparing for CSRD with Apiday, using FY2023 as the “trial run” to gather and aggregate data, optimise ESG reporting workflows and identify improvement areas to be ready for CSRD by 2025.

Getting started

Apiday's dedicated customer success teams guide you through every aspect of initiating your journey on the platform, including sharing best reporting tips and practices. Whether it's migrating data from other platforms, establishing your distinctive reporting ecosystem, fine-tuning KPIs and questionnaires, or implementing custom integrations, you can rest assured knowing that you're in experienced hands.

Let’s get technical

Navigating the complexities of ESG can be daunting, especially with ever-evolving regulations, but you’re not alone. Our expert ESG team comprises former non-financial reporting auditors and consultants from the prestigious Big Four firms. They stand ready to address all your tough questions on ESG metrics and calculations, deciphering regulations, and scrutinising your disclosures.

It doesn’t end at hello

Apiday’s support doesn’t stop after onboarding. With help from our customer success and expert teams via chat, email, and dedicated project calls, we accompany you throughout your ESG journey. We’ll keep you updated on the latest regulations and features, ensuring you are at the forefront of compliance and sustainability practices.