Don’t just report, improve

Reporting on your social and environmental impact is crucial, but improvement is even better. Generate action plans or create your own to embark on a customised sustainability journey, transforming your business into a sustainability leader.

You don’t write your CSRD report - we do. Apiday fills out the European Sustainability Reporting Standards’ (ESRS) templates for you and delivers a full narrative CSRD report

Enterprises are already preparing for CSRD with Apiday, using FY2023 as the “trial run” to gather and aggregate data, optimise ESG reporting workflows and identify improvement areas to be ready for CSRD by 2025.


Focus your efforts on what (really) matters

Apiday gives you clarity and focus by helping you identify and improve on the topics that are material to your business. Use Apiday’s materiality assessment tool to cut through the noise and identify the sustainability topics that matter most.


Get a tailored action plan

After completing the materiality assessment, Apiday’s AI recommends relevant actions for all key topics, tailored to your maturity level and aligned with leading global sustainability frameworks. Progress at your own pace and track all sustainability initiatives on a single dashboard.


Get the ESG policies you need, written by the best

Cut down on time and expenses: Apiday's template builder customises to your organisation's needs, guiding you on which policies to draft for an ideal compliance toolkit. Simply answer a few questions to unlock access to over 50 unique policy templates, all in line with top sustainability standards.

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