Build rock solid ESG compliance

Haven’t formalized some policies? Apiday’s got you covered with its library of 50+ unique ESG policy templates. Save time paraphrasing Google and money calling your lawyer. Create your personalized policy aligned with all major ESG standards in minutes.

With 50+ unique policy templates available, you no longer need to search the internet for hours to draft ESG policies. Just answer a few questions and create your customized document.

Get the ESG policies you need, written by the best

Apiday brought together ESG experts, lawyers, and technology to offer you educational and personalized templates. All aligned with guidelines from leading sustainability standards.

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Identify missing policies in a flash

Each company is different. From its culture to its industry, size or country of operations. Apiday’s template builder factors in the specifics or your organization and tells you exactly what policies you should write to build the perfect compliance toolkit.


Never start from scratch again

No more time lost wondering how to formalize a corporate policy: just answer a simple questionnaire online. Unsure about something? Ask your questions to Apiday’s ESG experts and get them to review your answers, all directly in the app.

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Features that unlock insights and actions

Sustainability Roadmap

Get your custom action plan to improve your company’s environmental and social impact and become a sustainability leader in your industry.

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Materiality Assessment

Use Apiday’s materiality assessment tool to identify the sustainability topics that matter most to your organization and get priority actions.

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