Sustainability reporting, automated

Identify material topics, gather relevant company documents with ease and let our proprietary AI extract all relevant information to create insightful reports.

Screen of the Apiday energy consumption scoring card
Backed by a team of ESG experts, Apiday acts as your command center for your entire sustainability strategy.

Stop wondering what the right KPIs are

No more time lost trying to figure out where to find the answers to your various ESG requests: Apiday’s AI will analyze all your reporting needs and material topics to generate the exact list of company documents needed to answer it.


Sit back and let us do the work

Say goodbye to the endless hours spent trying to manually retrieve ESG information from outdated spreadsheets and unstructured documents: whatever the file and its format, Apiday’s AI knows what data to extract and does it all for you.


Never start from scratch again

Apiday suggests answers to your various ESG requests using information collected from your company documents. Each ESG data point is automatically reused to pre-answer future questionnaires. All you need to do is approve, dozens of hours saved every year.

Images of ESG documents

Features that unlock insights and actions

Sustainability Roadmap

Get your custom action plan to improve your company’s environmental and social impact and become a sustainability leader in your industry.

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ESG Policy Templates

Easily create all the corporate policies mentioned in popular ESG frameworks by answering a few questions.

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