Answer ESG requests in a flash

Apiday’s AI and ESG experts gather your data and answer questions for you. So you can sit back, and focus on your business while keeping your investors happy.

Exceed your investor’s ESG requirements

Obtaining sought-after sustainability certifications such as B Corp or EcoVadis can prove challenging. With over 3,000 questions from key ESG certifications referenced in its database, Apiday’s platform tells you exactly which company documents are needed to prepare your application. Once uploaded, they will be analyzed by ESG experts who will pre-answer all questions for you.


Save time, make it a team work

Obtain the list of necessary documents in less than 24 hours and get your teammates to directly upload the right files. Then let Apiday’s AI extract data and track the completion of your investor questionnaires in real time.


Never start from scratch again

Once the first investor questionnaire is completed, all your ESG data stays safely stored on the platform. That way, every time you upload a new investor questionnaire, answers are automatically filled.


Raise the bar and show you care

Follow a custom action plan generated by the Apiday platform to improve your maturity on key sustainability topics and make your firm more appealing to current and prospective investors.

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Obtain any ESG certification in record time

Easily collect necessary documents, let our experts pre-answer questions for you and complete your custom improvement plan.

Get certified

Get on top of sustainability reporting

Gather all your sustainability data in one place, identify the best path forward and build a future-proof business.

Start reporting

Get a 360° view of your sustainability ecosystem

Centralize sustainability data from all relevant stakeholders in a single system of record. Gain instant visibility on how every partner or supplier performs and drive change where it matters.

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