Monitor and improve your portfolio’s ESG performance

Streamline collection of reliable ESG data from your portfolio companies, assess their performance and stay on top of regulatory and LPs requests.

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Lead the way in ESG portfolio management and exceed your LPs’ expectations

Track the ESG performance of your investment portfolio using data collected straight from your investee companies. Create 100% auditable portfolio reporting covering all relevant ESG topics, fill LP questionnaires in a click and fast track compliance with sustainable finance regulations.


Say bye to manual data collection

Send framework-aligned ESG questionnaires to your portfolio companies in a click. Then unlock Apiday’s true power by letting its AI extract data directly from documents uploaded by portfolio companies. Be done with mindless data chasing and endless emails threads once and for all.

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Build a world-class ESG portfolio

Build stunning reports and intuitive dashboards to get insights on your portfolio’s sustainability performance, identify on the spot where your portfolio companies can improve, then send them custom action plans to transform your entire portfolio into a top-rated ESG investment vehicle.


Unlock seamless dialog with all your LPs

Establish transparent communication with your LPs by competing their ESG requests in a flash thanks to Aipday’s automated reporting tool. Leave behind manual and error-prone LP questionnaire answering: each new request is automatically answered using your portfolio ESG data. So you can save time and focus your energy where it matters.

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Accelerate SFDR compliance

Fast track your compliance with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) with Apiday’s advanced compliance tool. Identify your regulatory requirements in minutes and answer a few questions to create your customized disclosure reports. Simple and fast, so you no longer need to pay lawyers to do it for you.

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SFDR makes ESG reporting mandatory in Europe

In 2021, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) came into force in Europe. This means that all investment firms based in the EU or investing in companies located in the EU will need to disclose various information on how they integrate sustainability into their activities. To do so, investors will need to formalize policies, write up website disclosures and collect sustainability data from their portfolio companies.

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Perform ESG due diligence in a few clicks

Connect Apiday to any deal data room, quickly identify top ESG risks and opportunities and uncover new insights to better inform your investment decisions.

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Get PortCos to answer ESG requests in a flash

Apiday’s AI and ESG experts gather your PortCos data and answer your ESG questions on their behalf. So they can and focus on your their business while keeping their investors happy.

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Obtain any ESG certification in record time

Easily collect necessary documents, let our experts pre-answer questions for you and complete your custom improvement plan.

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