Perform ESG due diligence in a few clicks and stay focused

Connect Apiday to any deal data room, quickly identify top ESG risks and opportunities and uncover new insights to better inform your investment decisions.

Conduct thorough ESG due diligence without slowing down your investment process

Evaluate within a couple of days the ESG performance of any investment target based on data collected by Apiday straight from the deal data room. Run automated ESG compliance checks to ensure there is no hidden sustainability red flag.


Don’t let it slow you down

Investors usually have just a few days to analyze an entire company, and ESG is just one piece of the puzzle. Use Apiday’s AI-powered data collection tool to know everything you need about the ESG performance of your investment targets. Apiday interrogates thousands of ESG data points to deliver clear, concise and accurate insights.

Screen of the Apiday Carbon Footprint scoring card

Leave no stone unturned

ESG covers many topics, from carbon footprint to gender diversity and corporate governance. Set your mind at rest and let Apiday run granular compliance checks across 20+ key ESG topics to ensure there is no hidden redflag. Spot top ESG risks and anticipate how they can be mitigated post investment with Apiday’s tailored improvement plans.


Base your decisions on reliable data

Rather than connecting to remote databases or scraping the web, Apiday links each ESG insight to actual corporate documents of your investment targets. Make data-driven decisions that rely on a 100% transparent audit trail. No approximations, no extrapolations, just actual company data extracted straight from the source.

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Monitor and improve your portfolio’s ESG performance

Streamline collection of reliable ESG data from your portfolio companies, assess their performance and stay on top of regulatory and LPs requests.

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Get PortCos to answer ESG requests in a flash

Apiday’s AI and ESG experts gather your PortCos data and answer your ESG questions on their behalf. So they can and focus on your their business while keeping their investors happy.

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Obtain any ESG certification in record time

Easily collect necessary documents, let our experts pre-answer questions for you and complete your custom improvement plan.

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