Leverage ESG to boost your image with LPs

Get unmatched ROI when managing prospective and existing LPs. Support your investor relations team’s fundraising efforts and keep current LPs engaged by showcasing your portfolio’s ESG performance with stunning reports.

Apiday helps ambitious GPs achieve their fundraising goals and stand out from the crowd by answering all ESG requests from LPs in record time.

Wow your LPs, show your impact

Want to demonstrate that your investment firm has embedded ESG at the core of its portfolio management strategy? Access aggregated portfolio performance analysis on key sustainability topics, create in-depth progress reports for any PortCos, and ensure your ESG efforts are reflected in your portfolio value.

Screen of the Apiday ESG platform
Screen of the Apiday ESG platform

Do it once, automate the rest

Nurturing relationships with existing LPs takes time. Each one sends its own list of ESG questions and hours spent crunching data add up fast. With Apiday, all requests are stored in the same place, and answered automatically using data already stored in the platform. So you can focus on building the relationship rather than inputting data.


Boost your fundraising efforts

We know fundraising is a marathon in which ESG has become a leading argument to secure commitments. Apiday helps you demonstrate your ESG compliance and your sustainable impact by providing your IR team with all the data they need to support their storytelling.

Features that unlock insights and actions

SFDR Compliance

Find the right compliance track, access SFDR policy templates and automate the creation of disclosure reports. Everything you need to be compliant, in a single product.

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Automated Audit Prep

Automate the preparation of ESG audits. No more time lost trying to manually reconcile ESG disclosures with company documents. Apiday does it all for you.

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