One AI to answer all your questionnaires

Save hours every month when dealing with lengthy ESG requests by letting Apiday answer your questionnaires for you. Your requests get mapped to specific company documents, you upload them, Apiday takes care of the rest.

Backed by a team of sustainability experts, Apiday gathers all useful company documents, extracts relevant data and automatically suggests answers to all questions.

ID relevant information sources in a flash

We know one of the great pains of dealing with ESG questionnaires is understanding where to look for the right answers. These days are over: Apiday makes you save precious time by telling you which exact documents are needed just moments after you uploaded your questionnaire.


Let our AI suggest the right answers

Apiday uses machine learning and ESG experts to extract the relevant information from each document and suggest answers to your ESG requests. It works for any sustainability questionnaire, all you need to do is approve.


All the help you need, just a click away

Stuck on one question? Unsure of its meaning? We know the feeling, and it should not be like that. Our ESG experts stand ready to guide you every step of the way. Ask for help as many times as you need, we’re right next to you.

Features that unlock insights and actions

Sustainability Roadmap

Get your custom action plan to improve your company’s environmental and social impact and become a sustainability leader in your industry.

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ESG Policy Templates

Easily create all the corporate policies mentioned in popular ESG frameworks by answering a few questions.

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