Focus your efforts on what (really) matters

Use Apiday’s materiality assessment tool to identify the sustainability topics that matter most to your organization. Get a list of priority actions for each topic based on your maturity level. The best recipe for fast progress.

Confused about the hundreds of different sustainability topics out there? Apiday gives you clarity and focus by helping you identify and improve on the topics that are really material to your business.

Make every action count

There are hundreds of sustainability topics affecting companies. Apiday helps you identify those really material to your business and gives you tools to monitor and improve them. At last get real clarity on your ESG strategy.

Screen of the Apiday ESG platform

Start improving right now

With each material topic, Apiday generates a list of improvement actions aligned with both your organization and the most popular ESG frameworks. You don’t lose a second, and make sure every step forward can be valued in the long run.


Cut through the noise

With so many sustainability KPIs it is very easy to get lost and lose track of what is important and what isn’t. Apiday puts your focus where you can have an impact and reduce risk, and helps you report on what garners attention.

Screen of the Apiday platform, calculting the overall maturity of a compagny

Features that unlock insights and actions

Sustainability Roadmap

Get your custom action plan to improve your company’s environmental and social impact and become a sustainability leader in your industry.

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ESG Policy Templates

Easily create all the corporate policies mentioned in popular ESG frameworks by answering a few questions.

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