Save time, leverage your team’s knowledge

Get help from teammates to gather internal documents at lightning speed. Find out who owns the files you’re after in instants, send them document requests via email or Slack in one click. And show them the bigger picture to keep them engaged.

Make it a team sport and gather all your sustainability data in one place using Apiday's collaborative platform.

Find out who to ask in instants

No one can get a 360° view of the countless company documents scattered across all teams. This means considerable time spent asking teams for files they don’t have. With Apiday, get it right the first time: know which team owns the data sources needed to prepare your ESG reports and reach 100% accuracy when asking for help.

Screen of the Apiday ESG questionnaire
Screen of the Apiday platform to drop ESG documents

Involve the right teammates in a click

Struggling to get replies from busy teams when asking for information? Say goodbye to endless email chasers and unresponsive colleagues: request documents by sharing self-explanatory links through your preferred communication channel. No logins needed, it’s that quick and easy.


Show your teams the bigger picture

Engage colleagues from all teams in your company’s sustainability journey beyond document requests. Keep them posted on your organization’s achievements with Apiday’s communication feature and give meaning to their ESG reporting efforts.

Features that unlock insights and actions

Sustainability Roadmap

Get your custom action plan to improve your company’s environmental and social impact and become a sustainability leader in your industry.

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ESG Policy Templates

Easily create all the corporate policies mentioned in popular ESG frameworks by answering a few questions.

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