Get reliable ESG insights, straight from the source

Automate the preparation of your extra-financial audits with Apiday. Each sustainability KPI is linked to its original document and its owner, to ensure full traceability and accountability. No more time lost trying to manually reconcile ESG disclosures with company documents. Apiday does it all for you.

With Apiday, all your sustainability data sits in one place, is consistent across the board and is 100% auditable. Always.

Trust your data, trace it back to its source

Every time Apiday asks you to approve a suggestion, it comes with a full explanation: from the proposed answer to the underlying data and the document that contain it. You have all the cards in your hand before making decisions.


Get total transparency on the process

With Apiday, everything is recorded – from the person who shared a document, to how information was extracted from it, to who approved the final answer. So that you are always ready for an audit.


Save time when preparing for audits

Several certifications such as B Corp or EcoVadis, if not your own investors or the regulator itself, ask for evidence to support each sustainability claim you make. This means hours of extra work to manually link the information back to its source. With Apiday, these days are over: zip files with all the requested documents are instantly available.

Features that unlock insights and actions

LPs Reporting

Get unmatched ROI when managing prospective and existing LPs. Showcase your portfolio’s ESG performance with stunning reports to keep them engaged.

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SFDR Compliance

Find the right compliance track, access SFDR policy templates and automate the creation of disclosure reports. Everything you need to be compliant, in a single product.

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