CSRD Compliance

Meet your CSRD reporting requirements with confidence

Apiday gives large enterprises the tools, regulatory guidance, and audit trail to ensure end-to-end Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) compliance. From double materiality to your digitally tagged CSRD reporting pack, Apiday gives you peace of mind.

Save time and money: Apiday fills out the European Sustainability Reporting Standards’ (ESRS) templates for you

Enterprises are already preparing for CSRD with Apiday, using 2023 as the “trial run” to gather and aggregate data, optimise ESG reporting workflows and identify improvement areas to be ready for CSRD by 2024.

What is material?

Identify your reporting needs and the ESRS you need to follow

The KPIs to track and associated qualitative disclosures required will vary depending on your business. Conduct a materiality assessment with Apiday or leverage your existing materiality factors to determine the ESRS you need to comply with.

Gather your data

Leverage the power of technology and the bespoke touch of human experts

Apiday’s automation, data gathering and software integrations will pre-populate your ESRS templates, identify where there are data gaps and tell you how to close them. Work hand in hand with our ESG regulatory experts to optimise your reporting and receive guidance unique to your business.

Get your complete CSRD reporting pack

Let Apiday create your entire CSRD compliance pack

Apiday delivers a 100% compliant, digitally tagged CSRD reporting pack with EU Taxonomy alignment, ready for audit and insertion into your annual reporting. Know where you stand and generate custom improvement plans to level up your ESG performance each year.

Features that unlock insights and actions

Corporate Reporting

Gather all your sustainability data in one place, identify the best path forward and build a future-proof business.

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Automated Audit Prep

Automate the preparation of ESG audits. No more time lost trying to manually reconcile ESG disclosures with company documents. Apiday does it all for you.

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